Part 1 – Chapter 1

"What is a Disciple?"

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Discipleship Terms and Definitions
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Questions Related to Lon's Sermon from this week:
    1. Based on Jesus’ words in John 3, what does it mean to have new birth?
    2. What are some ways that we tend to rely on human effort rather than Christ for salvation?
    3. If repentance means "turning away" from my old way of living, what activities or actions in my own life have I not fully turned away from?
Recommended Books:
What is the Gospel – Greg Gilbert (2010 Crossway)
Discipleship Essentials: A Guide to Building your Life in Christ – Greg Ogden (2007 InterVarsity Press) – Chapters 1 & 2
The Invested Life – Joel Rosenburg and Dr. T.E. Koshy (2012 Tyndale)
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