Getting Married through MBC

Are you currently engaged and considering MBC for your wedding ceremony or reception? To help you establish a Christ-centered foundation for your marriage, McLean Bible Church has established the following process for getting married at or through the church. 

Step 1: Obtain a Pastoral Recommendation for the Marriage

Before scheduling the church building for your wedding or requesting an MBC pastor to officiate, you MUST be approved to be married by our church in accordance with the MBC Marriage Policy.  Please complete the following steps.  
  1. Please read the MBC Marriage Policy in its entirety.  If you have questions about our marriage policy, please feel free to email the Preparing for Marriage Coordinator.
  2. Complete and submit the Preparing for Marriage application. For access to the application, click here. If you are taking the Preparing for Marriage course, this form also serves as your registration. 
  3. Upon receipt of your PFM Application, your application will be presented to the Marriage Approval Council (a collection of pastors who review all applications for marriage). 
  4. You will be notified once your application has been reviewed and will be directed to your next steps.  Please note that this whole process can take up to two months.  If you have any questions about the status of your request, please feel free email the Preparing for Marriage Coordinator for an update.

Step 2: Commit to Premarital Preparation

Couples who wish to be married in our church or by one of our pastors are REQUIRED to attend MBC's Preparing for Marriage (PFM) course, or go through the MBC Counseling Center.  The pastors of MBC designed the Preparing for Marriage course to teach God's principles regarding marriage and to encourage couples to glorify God in their marriage.  The Preparing for Marriage form, which is required to obtain a pastoral recommendation for your marriage, also serves as your registration form for the class. For details on the class, visit the Preparing for Marriage course page.

Note* If you cannot commit to missing no more than two of the ten sessions of the course, then we suggest the MBC Counseling Center as an acceptable alternative for the Preparing for Marriage course.  You can contact them directly at 703-770-8670 for more information. (NOTE: The PFM application is still required for the process of scheduling a pastor even if you will not be taking the class.)  Typically, you'll be required to attend 4 to 6 sessions with a counselor.  The MBC Counseling Center offers Friday and Saturday appointments to make scheduling easier.

Other alternatives to these options must be discussed with the Director of Marriage & Family.  Please contact the Preparing for Marriage Coordinator at 703-770-2940 for more information.

Step 3: Schedule the Pastor or Church (or both)
Once you are approved to be married by MBC and are registered for the Preparing for Marriage course (or acceptable approved alternative), we can move forward with scheduling an MBC pastor and/or booking the church.

When scheduling a pastor, you may contact the pastor of your choice directly or we can contact the pastor for you. Once the pastor is scheduled, you will then need to set up meetings with that pastor directly.  Typically, pastors meet with engaged couples 3 to 5 times to go over wedding details.

As pastor's calendars and the church calendar fill up quickly, please allow a minimum of six months for this process.  We do not guarantee that an MBC pastor will be available on the date you request, but scheduling far in advance will help.  Email addresses for all MBC staff follow the format: 

Below is a list of MBC pastors who officiate weddings.  Please note that Lon Solomon is not available to officiate weddings. 


  • Ben Lashey, Worship Leader
  • Ben Roundtree, Instrumental Director  
  • Bill Steele, Director of Operations
  • Brian Walters, MBC Loudoun Director of Discipleship & Biblical Training
  • Cory Thurman, Director of Biblical Training 
  • Dale Sutherland, Associate Senior Pastor  
  • David Sheets, Director of Ministries for Marriage 
  • Denny Harris, Executive Pastor  
  • Ed Few, Director of the Senior Adult Ministry
  • Jim Supp, MBC Loudoun Campus Pastor
  • Joe Henriques, MBC Tysons Campus Pastor
  • Ken Sun, MBC Bethesda Campus Pastor  
  • Keith Seymour, MBC Prince William Director of Student Ministries  
  • Mark Davis, MBC Prince William Campus Pastor
  • Marty McCall, Creative Arts Pastor
  • Mike Kelsey, MBC Silver Spring Campus Pastor
  • Nathan Keeler, MBC Arlington Campus Pastor
  • Richard Parke, Pastor at Large
  • Rick Helein, MBC Prince William Director of Outreach  

Out-of-Town Weddings

MBC pastors are willing to consider performing out-of-town weddings. When weddings are more than 30 miles from MBC, it is customary for the engaged couple to cover the following expenses for the pastor (in addition to the customary $500 honorarium):

  • Airfare and car rental/transportation if the wedding is not within driving distance.
  • Hotel accommodations if the event requires an overnight stay.
  • Mileage reimbursement at a rate of $0.50 per mile beyond the 30 mile radius of MBC for the rehearsal and wedding ceremony.

For questions about scheduling the church or a pastor for your wedding, please contact the Preparing for Marriage Coordinator at 703-770-2973.